Our passion and commitment to textiles research and environmental issues led us to seek non-toxic and recyclable waterproofing technology (Most isn't due to fluorocarbon based treatments and bonded layers of materials with multiple fibre compositions). No Such Thing waterproof tailoring is currently made with a recyclable, waterproof, breathable membrane fabric, produced in Europe with lower than average carbon footprint. Click through the logos and images below if you would like to know more via our suppliers and their certifying bodies. For an interesting read on fluorocarbons in textiles, and an insight into our research take a look at this well researched blog article from people who help inspire our sourcing efforts.

We source fabrics entirely from Europe (UK, France, Germany and Italy) which helps to minimise carbon footprint and whilst our technical tailored jackets are manufactured in Sofia, Bulgaria, the rest of the collection is manufactured in London.


Our sizes are generally equivalent to the following UK dress sizes:  XS - 8,     S - 10 ,     M - 12,     L - 14,     XL - 16

Our tailored jackets are based on the following sizes. This is a guide based on the circumference of the garments at these sizes, not the body measurement of the wearer. We recommend that you measure your own garments/outerwear and compare for a better idea of the fit. Sizes are fairly generous to allow for layering and movement, as cyclists we like to keep our options open.

SIZE                  BUST                  WAIST               HIP  (20cm below waist)

XS                       90                       78                     102

S                          96                       85                     109

M                        101                     89                      114

L                          108                     95                      120